Business and Community Guide 2015

I was humbled when I received the invitation to capture the images for the 2015 Livingston Parish Business and Community Guide.  As a proud member of my local Chamber of Commerce I was proud to accept the job!  Here are a few of my favorite images from the project ❤

Photographed by Amy Konieczka

Published and Created by Inspired Media

Concept by: Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce 

2015-05-13_00202015-05-13_0002 2015-05-13_0003 2015-05-13_0004 2015-05-13_0005 2015-05-13_0006 2015-05-13_0007 2015-05-13_0008 2015-05-13_0009 2015-05-13_0010 2015-05-13_0011 2015-05-13_0012 2015-05-13_0013 2015-05-13_0014 2015-05-13_0015 2015-05-13_0016 2015-05-13_0017 2015-05-13_0018 2015-05-13_0019

John Schneider Studios | Livingston Parish

This week I had the opportunity to work side by side with John Schneider at his movie production studio in Livingston Parish.  His studio consists of 60+ acres of breath taking Louisiana land!  Some of the things I photographed on his property are moss covered swamps, 60ft high bamboo forest, rushing rivers and various movie sets.  I even had the opportunity to shoot an actual scene in the movie with John directing me…. it was a great experience I will never forget.  Here are some of my favorite images from the week ❤

2015-03-07_0007 2015-03-07_00082015-03-09_0001 2015-03-07_0009 2015-03-07_0010 2015-03-07_0011 2015-03-07_0012 2015-03-07_0013 2015-03-07_0014 2015-03-07_0015 2015-03-07_00162015-03-09_0002 2015-03-07_0017 2015-03-07_0018 2015-03-07_0019 2015-03-07_0020 2015-03-07_0021 2015-03-07_0022 2015-03-07_00252015-03-07_00242015-03-07_00232015-03-07_00262015-03-07_0033 2015-03-07_00322015-03-07_00302015-03-07_00282015-03-07_0029

Published on [Rock-N-Roll Bride] Website !!

I’m so excited to share some BIG news!

My images from the Rock-n-Roll Styled Wedding Shoot I recently participated in designed and put together by the talented Brittany Schlamp Photography was published today on the [Rock-N-Roll Bride] website!!

You can view my images from the shoot HERE.

You can also view Brittany Schlamp’s images on her website HERE.

I want to personally thank Brittany Schlamp Photography for putting this entire shoot together and working so hard for so many months on all the perfect details!

Also, thank you to all the supporting cast involved!



Junior Audiologists [Hearing Solutions, Baton Rouge]

Hi Everyone!

Today was very fun…

I had the opportunity to photograph the “Junior Audiologists” of

[Hearing Solutions, Baton Rouge]!

What a great idea for new promo materials for their office!

You can visit [Hearing Solutions] website HERE!

All of these handsome boys are the grandsons of

Clarence Freeman, M.A., CCC-A
Audiologist, Owner

Hope you enjoy the photos!