Business and Community Guide 2015

I was humbled when I received the invitation to capture the images for the 2015 Livingston Parish Business and Community Guide.  As a proud member of my local Chamber of Commerce I was proud to accept the job!  Here are a few of my favorite images from the project ❤

Photographed by Amy Konieczka

Published and Created by Inspired Media

Concept by: Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce 

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Tiny House [Lafayette, La]

As most of you know I have been on maternity leave for the past few weeks and I am scheduled to have our baby girl [Lydia] on this upcoming MONDAY!! I am so excited and we are thrilled to have our baby girl…

but FIRST I just had to do one more session…. 🙂

Today was very fun and different… I was able to shoot a local Lafayette [Tiny S.I.P. House].  You can read all about this house on the home owners personal blog HERE.

Art [Tiny Home owner] was very passionate about using all local, refurbished and Eco friendly materials when building his Tiny Home.  He was very excited to find a local LED company

[LA LED] to provide all the lighting for the Tiny Home.

I tried to capture all the interesting details that he worked so hard on and I hope you like the pictures as much as I do!



Let There Be Light…. LALED, LLC

This was a very different and fun project I had the opportunity of working on a couple of weeks ago!  Robert Owens, owner of LALED and a good friend from way back contacted me asking if I could photograph his current LED light product line for his business.  My first natural reaction was, “are you sure that is a good idea”? Lol… I have never worked in the industrial side of photography at all…. but he reassured me that I would do just great and gave me the confidence I needed to take on the project… and boy am I so glad I did!! Who knew that LED’s could photograph so beautifully!! I felt like I was photographing true art pieces… I really enjoyed it and I cannot wait to shoot again for LALED, LLC!